Best Price Guarantee (BPG)

Anytime you order with us, our team will search major websites to ensure we've given you the best price. If we didn't, you'll find a refund that not only matches our competitor's price, but beats it.

BPG guarantees a better price for most orders. In very rare occurences we will not be able to match or beat a competitor price. For example: Company (ABC) is selling 10,000 units of an item for $10 each, but we have no way of purchasing the item for $10 each or less.

Inventory Transparency

Instead of refunding orders when we're out of stock, we've implemented a system to provide the best chance that your order will process and that you'll receive the best price possible with our (BPG) Best Price Guarantee.

In every item description you'll see our in-store stock level and a link to the product page on the manufacturer website. If both Farm Aquatics and the Manufacturer both show a quantity of 0, then the item is currently out of stock. If either of us have stock, you can place the order through Farm Aquatics and we will process the order within 24 hours and give you the Best Price Guarantee!

If you are willing to wait for products to come back in stock, you can message us for an Estimated Time of Arrival before purchasing or purchase immediately and we'll contact you informing you when you should expect to receive your items.