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Heavy-Duty Rack Drawer with Aluminium Faceplate, 2U

Heavy-Duty Rack Drawer with Aluminium Faceplate, 2U

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  • Designed to be mounted into any standard 19-inch rack to provide a secure storage space.
  • Features an aluminum faceplate, with an anodized brushed finish and CNC-machined detailing.
  • Fully enclosed using heavy-duty 2mm cold-rolled steel with chamfered edges for rounded corners.
  • Retractable drawer handle is concealed when not in use for a clean and professional appearance.
  • Takes up 2U of space. Includes mat, 10-32 screw set, lock, and keys.


The AC Infinity aluminum rack mount drawer is designed to be mounted into standard 19-inch racks to provide storage space. The drawer can securely hold various rack equipment such as cables, headphones, tools, manuals, and microphones. Features a black anodized aluminum faceplate. The remaining sides are fully enclosed using heavy-duty 2mm thick cold-rolled steel with a powder coat finish, and a cable passthrough slot in the rear. This rack drawer takes 2U of rack space and includes a mat and a 10-32 rack mounting screw set. Includes optional lock and keys for security use.


The aluminum faceplate is constructed from a solid block of high-grade alloy aluminum at 3mm thickness, then finished with a brushed black appearance. The panel is then CNC-machined, rounding each corner and chamfering each edge for a high-end look. The handle is designed to be concealed when not in use for a clean appearance and can be retracted when you need to pull open the drawer. This design makes it the perfect match for high-end audio/video and home theater racks.


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