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Turbo Fan Power Adapter

Turbo Fan Power Adapter

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  • Designed for MULTIFAN fans and other AC Infinity USB fans.
  • Enables approved fans to be powered through a standard wall outlet.
  • Increases fan's RPM by 25% and boosts CFM ratings for higher airflow.
  • Not compatible with any other USB fans or electronics.


The AC Infinity Turbo Fan Wall Adapter is designed to enable MULTIFAN fans to be powered through a wall outlet and to increase their performance. The Turbo Adapter is specially engineered to deliver more power that only AC Infinity USB fans are compatible with. The additional power increases a fan's RPM by up to 25%, boosting CFM ratings for higher airflow applications. Constructed of industrial grade components.


Designed for MULTIFAN models S1, S2, S3, S4, S5, and S7. AC Infinity AIRPLATE cabinet fans include a turbo wall adapter but can be purchased for replacement purposes. Not compatible with any other USB fans or electronics. 


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