ARKTICA T12, Floor Equipment Rack Cabinet with Smart Controller 12U

ARKTICA T12, Floor Equipment Rack Cabinet with Smart Controller 12U

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  • A cabinet fan system designed to cool and protect your AV equipment from overheating and shortened lifespans.
  • Smart controller features temperature monitoring, fan speed control, automated triggers, timers, and alarms.
  • Cold-rolled steel construction with lockable tempered glass door protects and holds up to 200 lbs. of rack equipment.
  • Sleek aesthetic featuring front smoked glass window, anodized aluminum trim, and powder-coated black body.
  • Size: 23.5 x 27.55 x 18 in. | Design: Caster & Standing | Airflow: 210 CFM | Noise: 33.4 dBA | Bearings: Dual Ball


An intelligent rack cabinet fan system designed to quietly cool your server network equipment or entertainment center. By exhausting hot air upwards, it provides protection from overheating, shortened lifespans, and other performance issues. The LCD digital controller features a smart thermostat with speed controls and status alerts. Cold-rolled steel makes up the heavy-duty rack cabinet frame and doors, shielding up to 200 lb. of server, telecommunication, or AV equipment from direct impact. With a smoked temper glass window, anodized aluminum trim, and a uniform black body, the Arktica rack cabinet complements most settings including your living room as a sleek AV equipment enclosure.


The included smart controller features advanced programming and functions that give you full control over the rack cabinet’s cooling. It enables you to monitor internal temperatures, control fan speed and set triggers that activate the fans upon detecting high temperatures. Fan speeds range from 0-10, allowing you to achieve quiet operation or optimal cooling. You can also set a timer that controls the case fans’ runtime, and an alarm to start the fans if temperatures reach a high threshold.


Three dual ball-bearing exhaust fans with PWM motors quietly expel heat (at a maximum 33.4 dBA) from the cabinet interior. The fans create an airflow of 210 CFM, which can support a full stack of rack equipment such as AV receivers, server computers, and other electronics.

The powder-coated black finish gives the Arktica rack fan cabinet a sleek, modern aesthetic that fits your living room. Other settings include network wiring closets, classrooms, offices, and other limited spaces. Use the included mounting bar to place it on any open wall space or install caster wheels to set it on the floor. Lockable casters are included to give you the freedom and ease of relocating your entire system without disassembling it. This, along with lockable doors, provide further protection from theft and tampering.


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