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Backdraft Damper Ducting Insert, 4-Inch, Black Galvanized Steel

Backdraft Damper Ducting Insert, 4-Inch, Black Galvanized Steel

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  • An antidraft duct insert designed for use with range hoods, bathroom fans and other home HVAC applications.
  • Features outer rubber gaskets that create an airtight seal and grip between the damper and ducts.
  • Mounts horizontally or vertically to prevent backflow and debris from entering ducting.
  • Galvanized steel body with spring-loaded aluminum damper blades that open with minimal airflow.
  • Fit for 4 in. Duct Openings | Product Length: 5.03 inches | Finish: Powder Coat


A ventilation ducting tool designed for insertion into 4” ducting to prevent cold drafts and debris from flowing into ventilation systems. Built to be embedded in ducts, the backdraft damper is made of sturdy galvanized steel and features two rings of outer rubber gaskets. This enables it to grip your ducting with an airtight seal in either a horizontal or vertical orientation. The butterfly damper blades are made of aluminum and are equipped with a light spring that folds with minimal airflow.


The spring-loaded antidraft damper is built for heavy-duty performance in applications like overhead range hoods in kitchens, bathroom fans and tumble dryers. It can be fully or partially inserted into your duct work using the rubber rings to hold itself in place. Other one-way airflow uses include keep pilot lights burning in water heaters and keeping debris from entering inline duct fans in grow tents.


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