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AIRBLAZE S10, Fireplace Blower Fan 10" with Speed Controller

AIRBLAZE S10, Fireplace Blower Fan 10" with Speed Controller

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  • A quiet blower fan kit designed to improve your fireplace efficiency by effectively circulating heat.
  • 10-speed wireless remote; smart digital PWM controls from silent, gentle breezes to high-velocity airflow.
  • Built with a DC motor that is quieter, more energy-efficient, and has greater lifespan than AC blowers.
  • Standard-size fan can replace blowers of Lennox, Hearth Glo, Majestic, Rotom, and other fireplaces.
  • Dimensions: 10.5 x 3.5 x 3.6 in. | Airflow: 70 CFM | Noise: 55 Dba | Bearings: Dual Ball


A quiet blower fan kit designed to boost airflow coming from your home's fireplace. Suitable for fireplaces with space underneath its floor or compartment to install the blower. The system draws cool air in from the bottom vents, heats it through the fireplace, then forces it out the top vent into the room. Includes a 10-speed wireless remote with batteries included. Features a PWM-controlled motor that is highly efficient in maximizing airflow at lower noise. Being a standard size, it can also replace existing blowers found in various fireplaces including Lennox, Hearth Glo, Majestic, Rotom, and more.


Each fireplace blower kit includes a 10-speed fan remote that wirelessly connects to the fireplace fan and sets airflow exhaust levels. It utilizes the same pulse width modulation technology the fireplace blower uses to help efficiently control airflow and manage fan noise. Programming is displayed with backlit white LED lighting in a circular array that progressively steps clockwise. Fan speed levels are retained on the memory chip whenever power is shut off, resuming previous programming the controller reactivates the fireplace blower.


The fan system is built with heavy-duty steel mounted on a cold rolled steel frame, as well as dual-ball bearings rated for a 67,000-hour lifespan. The aluminum impeller is suspended in mid-air with silicone mounts to absorb vibrations and reduce noise. Utilizing a DC motor that is PWM-controlled, the blower can maximize airflow while further reducing noise and power consumption. In addition, the blower is CE (CTL1811096012-EC) and RoHS (SZXEC1900177001) certified and is IP-22 resistant to liquids and dust particles.


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