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Heavy-Duty Steel Rack Panel Vented 3U

Heavy-Duty Steel Rack Panel Vented 3U

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  • Designed to be installed into standard equipment racks, and takes 3U of rack space.
  • Vented panel design maximizes airflow while maintaining structural integrity.
  • Panels are constructed with thick gauge 3mm cold rolled steel for heavy-duty lifetime use. 
  • Each panel is coated with matte-black powder-coat paint for a clean and high-end look.
  • Top and bottom flanges curved back to increase strength, and a professional appearance.


AC Infinity steel rack panels are designed for economical use in standard equipment. Each panel is constructed with cold rolled steel and coated in matte-black powder-coat paint for a clean and high-end appearance. The panels can be used to conceal empty rack spaces for a uniform rack appearance and also provides rack rail support. Vent design maximizes airflow and prevents hot spots, while maintaining structural integrity. Features dual flanges and thick 3mm steel gauge for added strength. Supports proper thermal control by directing how the airflow moves throughout the rack and can be used in conjunction with a rack fan system. This panel takes 3U of rack space; 1U and 2U blank and vented panels are also available.


The panels are constructed from a cold rolled steel at 3mm thickness. Then coated with matte-black powder-coat paint to match other rack mount equipment, such as servers and networking. Lastly, the top and bottom sides feature flanges that are curved back not only for added strength, but also to ensure a clean and professional appearance.


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