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AIRPLATE P7, Quiet Cabinet Cooling Fan System, Thermal Triggering

AIRPLATE P7, Quiet Cabinet Cooling Fan System, Thermal Triggering

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  • Ultra-quiet UL-certified fan system designed to keep cabinets cool while powering AV components.
  • Four speeds with thermal trigger programming to activate the fans in response to rising temperature.
  • Features a PWM-controlled motor and dual ball bearings to produce airflow quietly and efficiently.
  • Outlets and USB ports deliver power to entertainment systems or USB fans for additional cooling.
  • 13.70 x 6.77 x 1.3 in | 98 CFM | 51 dBA | Dual Ball Bearings | USB Power: 12W | Outlet Power: 857W


An ultra-quiet cabinet fan designed to cool home theaters and entertainment centers while powering multiple devices. Contains AC Infinity axial fans ACX-FD1225(B)05W5 which meet UL-507 standards for safety under Underwriters Laboratories certificate E503903. Each internal fan is built with dual ball bearings to run quietly and enables the fan system to be mounted in any direction. Equipped with four outlet sockets and USB ports to power whole entertainment systems and plug in USB fans for supplemental cooling. This cabinet cooling fan system has an aluminum front plate that has a brushed black finish and CNC-machined edges for an aesthetic appearance.


Features four-speed fan control to optimize noise and airflow levels in many cabinet and entertainment center settings. Thermal trigger programming automatically activates this cabinet fan to turn on when temperatures rise past a set threshold to keep your components cool. This will protect them from overheating and keep them operating at peak performance.


This quiet and streamlined fan provides cooling support for entertainment systems, home theaters, AV cabinets, editing suites, office setups, and more. Its efficient size will fit it securely alongside your electronic equipment and allows for convenient placement and storage. Use the outlet sockets and USB ports to power additional electronics such as USB fans and devices, game consoles, speakers, and charging devices.


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